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What’s Fax 2020?

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What’s Fax 2020?

It’s a carefully chosen name that embodies where fax is today and where it’s going tomorrow. There IS a next generation for fax that’s new, yet the same – only better.

Fax2020 will be a NEW kind of Industry report developed by Analyst Mark Malone (see below) that will cover the entire Fax & Document Delivery business segment.

It’s a fresh look at an industry that many thought would go stale. Mark is a product manager at heart, and he sees the industry as the end customer does. His focus for this report will not only attempt to demonstrate vendor status and rankings, but help define what the market may look like on the horizon.

The Fax2020 Market Survey report will be different. It will be readable, quantitative, analytical, and forward looking. Fax vendors will come away with an astute understanding of who the leads the way in areas such as Products and technology, strategic vision, market prowess, market share, and company strength.

As Mark Malone states, “Previously published reports were chock full of unnecessary marketing speak, too lengthy, too wordy and unclear. Moreover, previous reports sliced and diced the market in to so many segments and sub-segments, it was hard to determine who’s really leading what.

A fresh look.

A fresh perspective.

Find out where you stand.


All vendors are invited to participate.

Who’s Mark?

Mark Malone is a long time participant and contributor in the computer-based and cloud-based Fax and Document Delivery industries. His fax journey began in the year 2000 at RightFax in Tucson, Arizona – and comes all the way to present day now as a fax industry observer, writer and analyst.

In 2013, he created Fax Over Cloud, an industry watchdog page. He wrote many market and product reports and published them on the site. He also has researched and written specifically for many fax market vendors – usually writing fax market content, product reviews, white papers, and special research.

Mark has written amply in his career and spent a great deal of time speaking to business audiences of all types across the globe. He has contributed his authorship to papers that were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, industry periodicals and society journals.

He is also a trained Business Analyst, a Certified Product Manager, and a volunteer firefighter in his community.  Mark graduated cum laude from the State University of New York at Albany. He resides in Guilderland, New York and has two sons.

Mark’s personal Web Site

FaxOverCloud Industry Site