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Fax2020 Market Analysis & Strategic Report

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:           Who can participate in the survey?

A:            The following list should help:

  • Fax Server Companies
  • Fax Server, Cloud, and Hybrid Providers
  • Fax Delivery Technology Vendors (Fax Boards, FoIP, SIP, etc.)
  • Fax and Secure Document Delivery Vendors

Q:           Is the reporting of financials required?

A:            We’re making a conscious decision to ask for your fax and document delivery revenue. However, it is NOT the goal of this report to provide rankings by revenue alone. Let’s face it, the revenue numbers provided by vendors are hard to compare and normalize.

Q:           Will ALL information from the survey get published?

A:            No, we will filter, omit, or aggregate content as we see fit for publication. Changes can be reviewed by the participating vendor, as necessary.

Q:           What happens after the survey form has been completed?

A:            The best part. Conference calls or meetings will be setup with Mark Malone. Topics will be to discuss the survey results and learn first-hand about each vendor.

Q:           What about Non-disclosure agreements?

A:            Mark Malone will sign non-disclosure agreements from participants if presented with one. Moreover, we have prepared a standard NDA that can be used as well.

Q:           When will the report be available to purchase?

A:            Q4, 2018.